Mirroring Solution

Now take control of your mobile beyond two-way live video chat and screen sharing.
Engage your mobile customers and provide a problem-solving experience the moment is needed.

What is Co-browsing?

Co-browsing is a technology used for customer service or support on a website or mobile application.Co-browsing allows customers and agents to view the same web page and controls the scrolling, pen highlighting, and check boxes.This allows company to respond to customer issues or request in a faster and more confident way.

Solution Features Experience a new mirroring service

You can have a vivid experience like in-person in non-face-to-face environment.

  • Easy Invitation
    • Invitation via SMS or KakaoTalk
    • Simple authentication
    • Secured communication
  • WebRTC
    • Stable screen mirroring
    • Real-time synchronization
    • Controllable form filling
  • Communication Tools
    • Pen and Highlighting
    • Screen and Media sharing
    • Screen zooming function
  • Resource Management
    • Cloud-based infrastructure
    • Security monitoring and MSA
    • High-volume traffic handling
  • Record/Storage
    • Recording type: Replay/MP4
    • Efficient resource management
    • Lightweight and encrypted video
  • Mirroring Standard UX
    • Standard UX for customer experience
    • Improved user-centric usability
    • Multi-device support
Business Use Case Join with advanced mirroring technology

Gooroomee can expand the scope of your business with advanced technology.

  • Finance · Insurance
    Insurance Telemarketing
    • The insurance industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation. Manual, in-person, and paper-based processes are being moved to browsers or apps. Customers need the help of experts before experiencing new digital transformations.
    • By conducting consultations on mobile screens, the company can accommodate more customers by diversifying the insurance contract process through the proliferation of non-face-to-face culture and digital technology.
    • Simultaneous visual and auditory support expands product subscription convenience
    • Efficient product descriptions and easy sign-up process
    • Improved full sales and insurance contract retention
  • Education · Counseling
    1:1 Education/Counseling
    • Effectively onboard customers by having them take control and learn through interactive sessions.
    • Start your education curriculum anytime, anywhere through various devices, and receive premium education. Customers can learn faster and experience high-quality solutions compared to traditional methods.
    • Rapid delivery of education curriculum
    • Provide diverse and in-depth high-quality solutions
    • Reduce lifetime support burden and bring lifelong customer satisfaction
  • Customer Service
    Service Contact Center
    • Easily connect with customers in one click!
    • While AI and bot play a role in today’s business, real human empathy and expertise are needed to deepen customer relationships and increase brand loyalty. It is possible to deliver a new customer experience and resolve the customer’s issues with the right solution.
    • With the mirroring service, consultants can view the customer’s mobile screen, quickly understand their problem and solve the problems more efficiently.
    • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Increase profit and decrease sourcing cost
    • Quick ROI achievement
  • DT · Consulting
    Expert Consulting
    • A digital channel can be built that connects customers with your company’s experts and consultants. If experts and consultants can conduct customer counseling sessions digitally, everyone can succeed.
    • Customers prefer the convenience of doing business digitally. Companies evaluate the scale and efficiency improvement of digitally transformed business processes.
    • Increase revenue
    • Higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value
    • Improve efficiency through digital transformation
  • DT · Sales
    Digital Sales Activities
    • Improve your sales process!
    • The world is replacing face-to-face with digital sales activities. Sales representatives can start mirroring by clicking a button that is link up with CRM. Both representatives and customers can access without installing a separate program and comfortably have a meeting with sales materials and proposals.
    • Connect with potential customers and improve customer experience!
    • Sales in customer’s desired environment
    • Digital transformation and experience
    • Successful digital marketing strategy
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