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Connect and manage branches worldwide by real-time video

Every week, we need to efficiently deliver announcements and work orders to stores nationwide. In those moments, video conference does wonders in providing easy discussions and driving our work. Gooroomee platform conveniently operates with ERP, groupware, company messengers, and on-premise systems. It connects employees and customers.

Real-time video meeting
increases work productivity and gives time to focus on the business.

  • Need a meeting?
    Simply connect whenever you want

    Simply give website URL to those people you want to meet.

  • Get away from the traffic jam and
    save the costs

    Instead of spending time on the road, you can focus on your work. Gooroomee saves your time for you.

  • Enable video conference on
    your company system and connect.

    Gooroomee Platform works seamlessly with company systems such as Groupware, ERP, and messenger

Imagine the future of online education,
and corner the market

The line between online and offline education is gone now. In the near future, students will mostly attend online classes. With Gooroomee, you can make a futuristic education platform.

Share your knowledge through
interactive online classes.

  • Have you ever attended
    a class without a classroom, desk, and a chair?

    If you have a laptop and content, you can teach
    students, while seeing their faces!

  • Build a faster, smarter way
    for your students to reach you

    Share class URL to your students. They can join the class through PC, tablet
    or smartphone.

  • The complete tool for
    building education service

    Use whiteboard, screen sharing, and document sharing
    to create an exceptional education service.

Streaming is a part of our lives
in the era of digital transformation.

The era of one-directed media such as TV broadcast is coming to an end. Gooroomee, as a communication based live platform, allows customers to directly engage, thereby maximizing the efficiency of product advertisements. Broadcast your life
on Gooroomee.

There are no viewers in Gooroomee live
Everyone is participants.

  • Up to 1000 people,
    100% live broadcast

    No delay in broadcast and chatting
    Experience 100% synchronization.

  • Ask questions
    and participate in live broadcast.

    Participants can ask questions in real time
    and the questions will be displayed on the screen.

  • Share your Live on
    Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

    Don't rely on social media platforms anymore.
    Go live with Gooroomee, and you can easily broadcast to any social media channels.

Full featured real-time video communication in snap

  • Video Communication

    Real-time video communication
    delivered in Full HD without delay

  • Complete Layout

    Provides an ideal layout for
    for gatherings, classes, live, and meetings

  • Record

    Save your videos on cloud infrastructure
    or on-premise system

  • Chat

    Send messages anytime you want
    during video communication

  • Using drawing functions

    Explain using drawing function,
    and freely share it with others

  • Screen & Document Sharing

    Show your screen and share documents
    such as ppt, pdf, docx, etc.

Special features are prepared for education service

  • Screen & Document Sharing

    Show your screen and share documents
    such as ppt, pdf, docx, etc.

  • Group Speaking

    Make a group conversation
    for discussions and team-taught classes

  • Emoji

    Express you feelings

  • Quiz

    Give quizzes
    to students about class discussions

Gooroomee Open API
helps you start a
successful business

This picture is an actual study room of Gooroomee Camstudy. It is an online study room used by 10,000 people daily. People use our rooms for an average of 8 hours.
With our daily-improving video technology,
we'll do our best to let you focus on your business only.

This picture is an actual study room of Gooroomee Camstudy. It is an online study room used by 10,000 people daily. People use our rooms for an average of 8 hours.
With our daily-improving video technology,
we'll do our best to let you focus on your business only.

Gooroomee Pricing Plan

  • Basic

    Unlimited 1 on 1 meetings

    Up to 5 meetings

    Invite people through email or URL

    Online support

    Video Communication Technology

    video & voice

    Full screen and gallery view

    Simultaneous Screen Share

    Meeting room mode

    Plug-in feature

    Private and group chat

    Limited document share & whiteboard

    Host device control

  • Premium / Individual
    monthly, host

    All Basic features +

    Group meetings up to 4 people, including
    3 guests

    * Up to 24 hours per month for group meetings

    * $1 added per person. Can add up to 16 people

    Unlimited Document share

    Unlimited usage of whiteboard

    Admin function control

    Customer service from 9 to 6

  • Enterprise
    Do you want to use all features?
    At least 10 Users

    All Premium feature +

    Group meetings with a maximum of 300 participants
    including guests

    Unlimited Hours

    Live & webinar mode up to 1,000 people

    Teacher mode for education

    Video Recording

    Full HD Added

    Logo and Branding & Customized UI

    On-premise system & Private Cloud

    24/7 business support service

    Open API

Gooroomee is
the best platform for real-time video communication.

Our customers have already succeeded in their market using our solution. Start your own business now. Gooroomee will help you make your business
go beyond perfection.

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Information on consent to collection and use of personal information

Gooroomee Co., Ltd. collects and uses personal information for the following purposes, and does its best to safely handle personal information of members.

  • Purpose: Use of information in response to inquiries about gooroomee biz disability/function use
  • Items: company name, customer name, contact information, email
  • Period: Destruction after storage for 12 months from the date of personal information collection

You can refuse to consent to the collection and use of personal information. However, in case of refusal, consultation service may be restricted.

For more details on usage, we will guide you through
our manual.

FAQ in adopting Gooroomee

We'll answer to the most frequently asked questions on adopting our solution.

  • How much is the enterprise cost?
    Enterprises charge different costs depending on the purpose of use, usage time, and the number of users. You can check the cost in detail by emailing us about your case.
  • What's the difference between Basic and Premium?
    Basic (free) version has a time limit of 40 minutes for group meetings. We also don't guarantee the quality when there are more participants in the group meeting.
  • Can I use the enterprise plan for personal usage?
    Individual customers are recommended to use the premium plan. Features will continue to have updates.
  • What is Host?
    Host refers to the person who creates the room. Such user must be logged in, and rest of the users can have access as guests without signing in.
  • Where can I pay for the premium plan?
    After logging in, you can apply for monthly subscription payment from payment management page on page. You can cancel your subscription anytime during your usage period.
  • What is regular payment?
    This function automatically makes payment using the registered information on a fixed date every month. It allows you to pay for plans without making separate payments.
  • What should I do when the number of users change?
    Premium users can change their monthly plan once a month in Payment Management.
    For enterprise customers, please contact sales@gooroomee.com for any changes.
  • How do I enter into the enterprise contract?
    For enterprise users, the contract is signed on a monthly basis after a simple service contract. Both electronic and written contracts are possible.
  • What is the teacher mode of the enterprise pricing plan?
    It is our trial function for education. You have free two-hours.